The premise behind Balanced Plate Life is that everyone, regardless of size, age, race or gender can be fit and healthy for a lifetime. I work with clients of all sizes, shapes and backgrounds. Many of my clients come to me because they can’t seem to stay out of doctor’s offices and off antibiotics, or they are dealing with digestive issues or allergies. Frequently, they just flat out don’t “feel good” anymore. Together, we work to create a plan of action to address their concerns and health challenges.

But, the biggest part of my Coaching centers around weight management. My clients often come to me after they’ve unsuccessfully tried every DIEt known to man. And, to be honest, the only way to have long-term weight management success is to DITCH the DIEt. All of my weight management clients use a systematic, customizable program that equips them with the knowledge necessary to make significant lifestyle changes and provides them with the proper roadmap for a new, healthy lifestyle. And, yes, even my “skinny” clients have learned how to replace their unhealthy fat (because we ALL have it!) with lean, fat-burning muscle.

There’s a fairly common misconception going around. Most people believe that fat equals unhealthy and thin equals healthy. Frankly, that’s just not accurate. While it is true that carrying extra weight (especially around the midsection) opens a person up to a whole host of potential  health problems, it’s also true that there are lots of thin people out there who are carrying extra fat.

Regardless of your size, if you are spending five or six hours a week in the gym without getting the results you want, it’s unlikely that the exercise is the problem. It’s a nutrition problem. An unhealthy fat person has a very difficult time losing weight and keeping it off. And, an unhealthy thin person has a hard time building muscle. Proper nutrition is essential to a healthy lifestyle, and a healthy lifestyle is essential to successful weight management.

Let’s talk about those who need to “lose weight.” What many people fail to recognize is that health is not about a number on a scale. Rather, it’s about inches on a tape measure. “Diets,” as most people think of them are not healthy for a person’s organs or body systems. Significant calorie restriction and/or eliminating entire food groups does create pound loss, but it’s not fat that’s being lost, it’s muscle. It’s not only unhealthy, but it’s also not sustainable long term, which means that as soon as a person “finishes” the diet, the weight goes right back on in the form of fat that’s even more stubborn to lose. Each time the cycle repeats, your metabolism decreases by 10%. Getting healthy and losing weight in the process does not slow the metabolism and does not cause saggy skin. For those who have dieted before, healthy lifestyle changes, and proper supplementation to begin to build a healthy body and “fix” the metabolism  are necessary.

“Skinny people” need proper weight management, as well. In order to achieve the best foundation for health, we must be sure we have a balanced diet. Some studies suggest that in order to give our bodies the required amounts of all vitamins and minerals, we would need to consume approximately 3,000 calories worth of very specific fruit and vegetable combinations on a daily basis. That’s just not realistic for most people. So, in addition fo healthy eating, we employ pharmaceutical grade supplements to give our bodies the best chance for health.

Doctors are important health partners who frequently rely on scientific advances to keep us alive. But, there’s a big difference between being “alive” and being “healthy.” We are solely responsible for getting and keeping ourselves healthy. If you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, now is the time to make a change. Find your balance. Good health and tons of energy are waiting for you. YOU are worth it!

~Coach Teresa

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