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Facebook Reviews:

“Teresa is a proven Lifestyle Weight Management Coach & Trainer. Her focus on her clients provides life changing results routinely! She’s amazing!”

Dr. Terry White, ND, MH, CPT

“Teresa has been a great help and encouragement to me. She has helped me to focus on lifestyle versus dieting. The plans she came up with were practical and realistic.”

James Rose

“I’ve really enjoyed my time working with Teresa for so many reasons. Throughout this whole process, she’s been incredibly encouraging, and so knowledgeable about the steps that it takes to live a healthy lifestyle. She’s always available and willing to answer questions (even the ones that seem really dumb). My favorite part was the tracking, because I could literally “see” what I was eating, and how my weeks were going. Overall, I’ve learned a lot about the things that really help you build on getting healthier. I’m still working on putting it into practice, but I feel like I have a much better hold on how to manage my weight, and stay healthy.”

Mila Clark

“This week I turn 40. I have suffered from migraines since I was 8, I decided it is time to change that. Four weeks ago I started this life change with my coach. I have not had a migraine since! On top of that, I have lost those stubborn inches off my hips. I feel amazing and laugh all the time! I have learned how my body uses food and what foods trigger my migraines. What an amazing birthday gift to myself. I am so alive without migraines! I have no desire to take prescription medications to relieve my migraines. I just say no to those foods that cause them. My 40’s look to have a beautiful beginning!”

Emily Albright

“The best thing I’ve ever done for my personal health! Unlimited access to personal coaching is so incredibly helpful. Better than the results of pounds and inches lost is the education and knowledge that I’ve gained! I am not a coach, but the information has proven very useful to help others. I truly cannot say enough good things about this lifestyle training…it’s not a diet or a program but a lifestyle and a choice. Thank you, Teresa for sticking with me and helping me any time I’ve been in need of information and encouragement!”

Karla Hays


Heartfelt Testimonials:

“I have acknowledged and adopted the fact that this IS my new lifestyle of eating, not just temporary. I sure do think about my food more, especially when I’m out. It’s cool. And for the first time in a lifetime of battling some form of weight issues, I am confident about this and my future health. I always go back to just being darn proud of the fact that 5 years ago I weighed 100 pounds more than I do now, when I was pregnant with my daughter. Some people never lose the weight but I wanted to be healthier for her. Yeah, I’m not giving up!”

Kerri (42-year-old female)

“I highly recommend this program. I have struggled for many years with my weight and have tried a lot of different diets, but this is the first time I’ve experienced this level of results and feel good also.
I have been working with a trainer for a while now and my focus previously was on limiting my calories per day and getting regular exercise in. Doing this, I had lost about ten pounds and that had fluctuated as well. Before joining this weight management group, I lacked energy and focus and would drink energy drinks on an almost daily basis to try and stay alert and focused in meetings. I had noticed that more and more these drinks did not seem to help. I would also eat sweet and salty snacks as long as they fell within my calorie allotment for the day.
To date, I have lost a total of 50 lbs (as of this morning) of which 40 pounds has been lost using the principles of this program (I started 6 weeks ago). During my first three weeks, I lost around 30 pounds and am steadily losing around 3 to 4 pounds each week now.
I was initially concerned about how I would survive detox week with no caffeine and no protein, but surprisingly, I did really well that week. At most, I allow myself one cup of coffee a day now, but I have not had any energy drinks since starting and don’t feel the need for them.
I am much more mentally and physically alert than previously and my stamina and endurance have increased substantially in a short time. In March of last year, I went to a headbanger’s all day festival with my son and was wiped out. Recently, I went to a high energy concert, did a lot of walking to and from the concert, was active all weekend long and still had energy on Monday.
For me, the biggest change is realizing that good nutrition makes such a difference in how we feel. I have always enjoyed exercising and being active, but the nutrition was missing. Through this program, I have learned to be just as active or more so, and still have so much more energy left over with a quicker recovery. This, in my mind, is due to the nutrition principles taught along with the encouragement of coaches like Teresa.
You have to be willing to do this for yourself and for no one else. From personal experience, you will use others as a scapegoat for your failures, but if you want this bad enough for you, you can and will be successful in the long run. Teresa is an awesome coach who will provide encouragement and accountability, but you are the one who has to make those day by day choices of following the plan.”

James (44-year-old male)

“Since joining the weight management group, I have lost a total of 9.8 pounds in only 2 weeks. I was worried in the beginning about feeling hungry, but after day 1, that went by the wayside. The first day of the program I was a little hungry and had a slight headache, but day 2 through 16, I’ve not been hungry. Vegetables are unlimited and always available to fill the hungry spot if needed. I feel better and I am sleeping better. By day 16 I could really feel a difference in the way my clothes fit, which really lets me know things are going right. The only drawback to the program I’ve found is the time it takes to prepare meals and snacks (cutting veggies and cleaning fruit is timely) but if that’s the only drawback, you can’t go wrong!”

Monica (37-year-old female)

Tom Gibson