Acid Reflux 101

I’ll warn you ahead of time that this will be a long post. I actually shared it on my Coaching page on Facebook as a seven-part series to break it up a little. But, with so many people are dealing with something as miserable as acid reflux, it seems that it’s really worth a little […]

Surviving The Season

Due to popular demand, I have added new “Mini-Classes” this holiday season. Each class is tailored to meet the specific holiday needs of each client. Some may need to trim down a little to fit into an outfit for a special holiday event, while others may just want to ensure that extra pounds aren’t added […]


The premise behind Balanced Plate Life is that everyone, regardless of size, age, race or gender can be fit and healthy for a lifetime. I work with clients of all sizes, shapes and backgrounds. Many of my clients come to me because they can’t seem to stay out of doctor’s offices and off antibiotics, or […]

Did You “Remember” to Take Your Multi-Vitamin?

While many people are skeptical about supplements, most wouldn’t bat an eye at the idea of taking a Multi-Vitamin. It just sounds like “a good thing to do,” especially if they are smart enough to know that they don’t always eat as well as they should. But, it turns out that there may be more […]

Tired? Step Away From The Latest Fad!

As a society, one of our greatest problems is our tendency to address symptoms so we can“feel better,” rather than identify and then heal the root cause. It’s true in multiple arenas, but probably most prevalent when it comes to the way we take care of our bodies. Rather than jumping on the latest bandwagon […]

An Unhealthy Body Can’t Lose Weight

A vital, and often overlooked first step in any successful weight management program is nutrition. The typical American diet is pretty sad. Most of us know the proper foods we need to eat to be healthy, but we just don’t do it. A body that is lacking in nutrition will continue to seek nutrition until […]

Tom Gibson