Weight Management

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Coach Teresa offers four weight loss plans each designed to accomplish specific goals. Select the plan that best meets your current weight loss needs and lifestyle. There’s always a “next step” that’s available regardless of how you start on your healthy lifestyle journey.

This is NOT a diet.

Regardless of the program you choose, this is a health program with a side effect of weight and inch loss. If you’re ready to partner with a Coach to make a commitment to a healthier you, lose unhealthy fat and build lean muscle mass, read on.

What is it?

This program is different from traditional diets. You will never be hungry. Eating real food is a major part of each program. You’ll take back control of your own health, and won’t be dependent on a specific diet or group meeting to stay on track because you’ll learn which foods to eat (and when) to fuel your body for success.

You’ll learn to function in real life by following a simple educational program that will equip you to make healthy lifestyle changes. As you learn and follow the plan, your body will begin to repair past metabolic damage, kickstart fat burning and create a leaner, healthier, more energetic you.

Do I have to drink my meals?

Shakes as a meal don’t provide enough fuel for fat-burning. If there’s not enough fuel, the body looks to lean muscle for energy, and that creates fat storage. This program focuses on reducing body fat and building lean muscle mass. You will be encouraged to use a nutritional shake that provides a healthy balance of protein, carbohydrates and fiber for your daily snacks (between meals) simply because it’s a quick and easy option for on-the-go. Of course, whole food snacks are always ok.

What if I find myself in a situation where I can’t prepare my own meals?

Eating at restaurants shouldn’t be a thing of the past for you. You’ll learn how to look at menu options and make healthy choices that will keep your body in fat-burning zone even when eating out. Pre-packaged, balanced plate entrees are available for periodic use when you’re in a situation where fresh food just isn’t an option. And, if you really hate to cook, we have partnered with an outside vendor that offers program-approved fresh meal options that are delivered directly to your front door based on the schedule you set.

Is there an ongoing cost once I start?

There are no packaged meals that need to be purchased. You will learn to prepare healthy meals from real food for yourself and your family. Several foundational supplements will be used to fill in nutritional gaps, address metabolic challenges and accelerate your results. Since this is a health program, they are not optional. The cost of initial customized supplementation that is required for your program is included in your initial program cost. Regardless of which program you choose, my goal as your personal Coach is to provide you with the education and foundational nutritional support to get your body on the right track for fat burning so that you will continue to lose pounds and inches without the requirement of continued full program supplementation. Continuing to purchase one or more of the supplements after the first shipment is at your discretion. Some do; some don’t. The choice will always be yours.

How do I get started?

It’s easy!

Contact me to request a risk-free, no obligation phone consultation to assess your specific needs. We will discuss your goals, commitment level and health history. Following the phone call, I’ll customize a program to address your challenges and get you on the way to meeting your goals and provide full program details via email.

What if I’m not sure which plan is right for me?

Let’s talk! Contact me with three dates/times that you’re available for a quick phone call. I’ll pick the time that works best for me and confirm it with you.

Is that all?

Consider doing this with a friend, or even a group. People who have a buddy usually lose twice as much weight as those who go it on their own! Make the investment in your health and DITCH THE DIET…for good. There really isn’t anything that’s more important.

~Coach Teresa

Tom Gibson